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Who are the Reitan Group?

The Reitan group is one of the largest companies in Scandanavia. Based in Norway, they employ more than 38,000 people across 7 countries and boasted a gross revenue of 89 billion Norwegian krone in 2016 – they own the 7-Eleven operating license.

This BEST partner saved 7-Eleven 2.7 million kWh of energy…
BEST’s flagship partner in Denmark – IQ Energy Nordic – have forged a remarkable relationship with a huge player in the local convenience store market. Working closely with Reitan Group, they have orchestrated a 120-store roll-out of Eniscope – the world’s most complete energy monitoring system.The result? A huge saving of 2,700,000 kWh and over 864 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Watch how the project unfolded in the video (RIGHT) or read on.

The context
Reitan hold the license to operate 7-Eleven in Denmark and, as such, control all stores across the country.Reitan have been working with BEST partner IQ Energy Nordic. One of BEST’s longest established and most trusted partners, IQ Energy is led by Jesper Kjærulff and Frank Schyberg; supported ably by a professional team of energy managers.


Multi-site rollout

With BEST providing additional product, monitoring and technical support wherever required, IQ Energy forged the relationship and took it through Proof of Concept (PoC) to a full multi-site rollout.

Why did they seek an energy management solution?

Reitan were experiencing three key drivers that pushed them to seek a solution:

Denmark brought in a legal requirement to differentiate between energy types for tax purposes. To fulfil their statutory requirements, they needed an accurate energy monitoring system that could isolate certain energy types consider for ‘comfort’.
The Reitan Group are a responsible organisation, with increasing requirements for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reporting and reductions in CO2 emissions. They needed an effective way to bring their energy usage and the associated environmental cost down, across the whole network of stores.
They needed to save money. They were looking for a project that could combine significant savings with a short ROI period.


The Proof of Concept

Jesper and the team installed Eniscope at four locations considered ‘typical’ of the full portfolio.


26,500 kilowatt hours saved


8,480kg of carbon dioxide saved


13% energy and cost savings


Payback period of 19 months

Our trademark “no cost or low cost” solutions

All the incredible savings above were achieved with what we call ‘low cost or no cost’ solutions – ie. by identifying wastage using the Eniscope’s comprehensive data and acting to address these problems with behaviour modification or technical fixes.

So impressed were they with the initial project, IQ Energy have now successfully rolled the same solution out to a total of 120 stores across the country.

box O No Cost
Nothing to pay now, or in the future. Save money by changing habits.

box Dollar Low Cost
A small, tactical investment will transform you into a green company.

box Ison On-going Savings
Every day that goes by, your facility is making smart energy saving decisions.

The rollout

With Eniscope now operating in 120 stores, IQ Energy receive and report on a huge amount of data. In essence, Reitan have outsourced their energy management functions for this portfolio – allowing IQ Energy to identify new opportunities for energy savings and deliver on them on an ongoing basis.

The IQ Energy team report for benchmarking purposes on a quarterly basis, allowing Reitan to compare the performance of each store against each other. In this way, they learn from the best practice demonstrated by one store and can apply it to the others.

The same Eniscope system also enables Reitan to fulfil their yearly CSR reporting obligations and has allowed them to meet their tax requirements consistently and accurately.

increase refrigeration efficiency units 1


The raw results

In terms of raw figures, the full rollout equates (so far) to some incredible savings.


864 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved


2.7m kilowatt hours saved


12% average cost saving

Head of Real Estate
Reitan Convenience Denmark

“In 2013 we met IQ Energy and were introduced to the Eniscope system. It gave us the opportunity to monitor our energy consumption in a whole different way. I’ve never seen a system like that, even though I’ve had a lot of meetings with a lot of providers. It’s been very easy, the platform is very intuitive. I would recommend the Eniscope system to other companies. I have already recommended it internally in our group to our seven countries.”


Looking to the future

Following such a considerable success, Reitan are now looking at similar projects for 7-Eleven stores in Sweden and Norway.






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