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The most complete energy monitoring & management system in the world

Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. An accessible API. Eniscope is the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management. Perfect for single buildings or whole portfolios.

Real-time data & instant savings

Eniscope provides second-by-second data for your whole building portfolio, however large or widespread. All accessible from a cloud software platform.

Cutting edge, safe & easy to install hardware

Installed in typically less than 3 hours without disruption to your operation. Perfect safety record. Small, compact design with powerful features.

Identify invisible energy waste and manage usage

Use powerful features like automatic alarms and remote control via wireless control modules to impact on-site energy usage remotely.



An Introduction To Eniscope

Watch this video to get a feel for the world’s most complete energy management system. We cover the key features and how the power of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) help Eniscope to transform the energy profiles of facilities around the world.

This product is relied upon by companies such as Telefonica, 7-Eleven, IBM, KFC, CBRE and many more. Here’s why!

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End-to-end energy management

We provide both the hardware and the software you need to manage energy effectively


Public Displays

Show off your performance in real time to staff, tenants and other stakeholders with bespoke-designed displays displays.

Our displays allow you to create awareness and modify behaviour by clearly, visually communicating key performance metrics, targets and progress. It’s an excellent way of demonstrating your commitment to energy conservation.

These displays can be strategically positioned around a building to provide a crucial incentive to change their behaviour. We can integrate leader boards and competitive aspects, to give stakeholders that extra push to make a difference (to your carbon footprint and your bills!).

Public Displays

The Eniscope eco-system

Explore the functionality of our holistic solution to energy monitoring and management.

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A global solution...

…to a global problem. Businesses all over the world know that it’s time to find an energy solution.


Enjoy these benefits too

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To manage something, you need to be able to measure it. That’s why the first step in our process is to make energy usage visible and accessible from a single, intuitive dashboard – however large your portfolio.





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