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About us

Purpose and BSE Vision

We can optimize energy consumption in buildings and business establishments in Greece by exploiting IoT (internet of things), Big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To lead to the creation of a more effective, more sustainable and enjoyable environment in which to live and work.

BSE (Best Saving Energy Private Co.) is an official partner and has in Greece and the Balkan region the products, technologies and services of BEST (British Energy Saving Technology) with the primary goal of achieving Global Energy Efficiency Efficiency).
Our main goal, through the implementation of our innovative technologies, products and services, is to raise business responsibility and stop energy waste.
We believe that reducing energy waste, changing people’s attitudes and dramatically reducing machine inefficiency, leading to energy efficiency and environmental protection, are beneficial through the procurement and implementation of our products and technologies.
Our executives, highly trained and trained in Greece and the UK, are ready to offer solutions to all businesses that want and need to implement actions to help improve and operate efficiently and protect the environment.
By implementing our proposals the immediate results are the reduction of the operating costs of the enterprises, the reduction of the cost of maintenance of the machines and their equipment, as well as the drastic reduction of the CO2 emissions with the positive impact on the environment and the lives of the employees.